"That they all may be one."

John 17:21


Pastor Michelle Torigian is coming to worship on July 8, 2018 - 9:00am.

Who is this Pastor Michelle? 

One way to begin to know her is to take a look at her Facebook page. Have a peak:


There you will find photos that show that she is: artistic, loves people, clever, active, a participant, facially expressive, 

a family person, literate, smiles regularly, fun-loving, a nature lover, photographically expressive, and proud of her Armenian ethnicity. You will also find that, although she has been away for a decade, Pastor Michelle still claims Belleville her "hometown." Her music interests include: Tom Ruberg, Christopher Grundy, Rob Leveridge, Adele, Van Morrison, Billy Joel, Elton John and David Forest. 

Are you ready for a fresh worship experience? Be early. Be ready. 


"BE PREPARED" The Boy Scout Motto is "BE PREPARED." 


Last Sunday Pastor Gus challenged us to be prepared for the arrival of our chosen new pastor and teacher. He suggested, at least, four specific things we can do to be prepared. They are: 


1. PRAY--Pray for Pastor Michelle and for ourselves. Pray that God's gift of LOVE be so overwhelming that it is revealed through us to all the world as word and deed, as Good News and experiences of ministry. 

2. RE-EVALUATE OUR GIFTS AND TALENTS--Scripture says that each of us has been given unique gifts and that they are intended for the common good. What new or renewed gifts are we going to offer for the common good. 

3. RE-EXAMINE OUR CALENDARS--As busy as our calendar are, there are minutes and hours that could be put to better use, be employed in Christ's ministry through St. Paul. Where and when are we going to step up?

4. REVIEW OUR BUDGETS--Matthew wrote, "For where you treasure is, there will your heart be also." Do our personal financial statements reflect our faith priorities? The Biblical admonition to Tithe is still valid.                                        

REVIEW OUR BUDGETS--Matthew wrote, "For whrsonal financial statements reflect ouith priorities? The Biblical admonition to Tithe is still valid....

Events at St. Paul

Pastor Gus Kuether’s 55th Ordination Anniversary Celebration

June 10, 2018


Scott Wilson's Sax Solo

Red, White, & Blue Revue Concert

June 3, 2018.

Mission: Camp DuBois - May, 2018

Team Work

Al Scharf donated flower boxes for our entrance portico.  Donna Davis donated the potting soil.

Al Scharf and Roger Henke put them in place.  




Greetings, we are excited to bring you some updates on our outreach projects. Without your support none of this would be possible. Thank you again for allowing us to serve others.


Local & Regional

We lovingly support our St. Paul Senior Community, Ecumenical Community Food Pantry, Franklin Neighborhood Association, Hoyleton services for children and Emmaus Homes for the developmentally challenged. We also support our conference DuBois Center and church-related Eden Theological Seminary.  


Nation & World

As a congregation within the United Church of Christ, we gladly support our denomination and national ministries, plus a variety of world missions through Our Church’s Wider Mission and the One Great Hour of Sharing.

Our Core Values



God, the designer and crafter of all, created all humanity in God's own image thus making us siblings in the family of life.


WE STRIVE TO BE SERVANTS in service to others.

God, the redeeming Christ, calls us to love one another as he has loved us.


WE NEED CHRISTIAN EDUCATION for good faith and life.

God, the eternal spirit, nurtures us continually toward the realization of God's vision of heaven on earth.

Our Ministries

Care & Compassion

“They shall know we are Christians by our love.” We follow Jesus’ commandment to “love each other” from birth to death and blessed memory. We support baptism at any age along with staying With You through illness or in times of special need. Our With You ministry provides visitation and chore services in coordination with our pastors, who visit and officiate at weddings and funerals.



“The more we know, the better it gets.” St. Paul has a historic commitment to education for all…and all ages! Children as young as two years old are served by our Mothers’ Day Out preschool. Our children and youth opportunities include crafts, classes and camping experiences plus Confirmation and music programs. Adult education is founded on the Forum, our after-worship enrichment hour that offers a variety of faith-supportive topics.

  • B_Street_Band.jpg
  • Choir.jpg


It’s been said that “Music is the voice of God.” We experience this in harmony with our B Street Band and Chancel Choir in addition to our Glory Ringers. We inspire our neighboring community with our Fine Arts series and long-time partnership with the Masterworks Chorale. There’s something for all ages since “God is still speaking” through our ministries of music!


Contact Us

Phone: 618-233-3303
Address: St. Paul United Church of Christ

       115 West B Street, Belleville, IL 62220
Hours: 8AM-5PM CT M-Th;  8AM-4PM CT Fri

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