The future of our past is ever present       

       We are 3 rooms of books, articles, pictures and artifacts ranging from the church's German beginnings in 1839 to present. Several dedicated members spent countless hours gathering valuable information that was stored in various areas of the church. As you can expect, there isn't a wealth of information from the first church, 1839-1861, but we are still searching.

       We are a work in progress. I am continually overwhelmed, in a positive way, at the generosity and kindness of members who have brought something to be included in the Archive. Copies will be made where possible of any contributions you wish to make. You may have the piece we are missing.

       For your walk down memory lane, we have begun a display in the Welcome Center of some of our treasured items. Upcoming attractions for our displays will include artifacts of all three churches, Alice Jerome's monthly series, In The Beginning and an updated history of all three churches.

       If you will, delete the image of yester-year's Archive of a dark, stuffy room filled with dust-covered books and papers you weren't allowed to touch. That's not our vision. It may be dusty and messy for now, but we are replacing that dull image with a pleasant, user-friendly area to be enjoyed by all.

       The Archive stores information such as baptism, confirmation, wedding and deaths from 1839 to present. Please complete the Archive Request Form listed below to obtain information.

With Glory to God,

Your Archivists,

Jo Ann Elmore and Roger Henke


Submission of this form holds harmless St. Paul United Church of Christ, Belleville, IL, its members, staff or volunteers from any immoral or criminal activity arising from use of requested information.

The information below will be sent to the St. Paul Archivists and answered as soon as possible. Thank you for your inquiry and your patience.

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