"That they all may be one."

John 17:21

"Pastor Michelle's Monthly Newsletter"

Michelle Torigian is Senior Pastor of the Church

Pastor’s Message

World Communion Sunday

Each year on the first Sunday of October, we commemorate World Communion Sunday. Each Sunday we celebrate the meal of Christ, there are people all across the world coming to the table as well. Yet on this particular Sunday every year, we focus on how large this table is and the diversity of its members. From Kenya to Chile to France, there are people partaking in this same meal, remembering Jesus the Christ who lived among us and whose Spirit abides with us today.

I’ve always believed it’s crucial that we see and extend the communion table beyond time and space. When we watch a worship service hours after it has been live, and we choose to take communion, we are still part of that table and still part of that communion service. When we take communion from home and use whatever elements we have on hand, we are still part of that communion experience.

This table influences many other parts of our faith. Whenever we can eat together - whether with the Culinaires on the third Sunday of the month or getting together with a church friend to dine outside along East Main Street, we celebrate the Christ around us. When we serve food during our Tuesday night meals and donate to the Interfaith Food Pantry, we honor the table of Christ. Like Jesus sharing meals with the crowds, our faith leads us to share food with our neighbors as well.

The table of Christ reminds us we are not alone in our joys and our struggles. As we are the branches to Jesus the Christ’s vine, we are always connected. The days may be getting cooler here in the northern hemisphere, but holy meal we will eat on October 3 and each first Sunday of the month thereafter reminds us of the warmth that abides in the community of St. Paul UCC and the hearts of our congregants.


Pastor Michelle