Pastor Michelle's Monthly Message

Michelle Torigian is Senior Pastor of the Church

Pastor’s Message

 Gonna Go Back in Time!

Recently, this question was posted on Facebook: “You’ve been teleported back to 1995. What’s the first thing you would do?” I remember that the mid 1990’s were a fun time in history with grunge music and coffee houses. The year 1995 was significant in that I graduated with my Bachelor of Arts. While there was transitional time in discerning what the next steps were in career, relationships, and location, I worked in retail until plans came together to move to Florida in January 1996.

Given the opportunity to go back to 1995, I would first and foremost tell my dad how much I love him and give hugs to him, my living grandparents, and friends who have passed. I would ask the questions I didn’t realize I should have asked nearly 30 years ago before illnesses take people away from us. I would learn how to cook some of the Armenian dishes my grandmother would make. I would travel more without fear and soak in as many memories as possible.

Ultimately, though, I wouldn’t want to make different decisions. Because I moved to Florida and took employment opportunities as I did, life brought me to this very spot. I wrestled with life’s challenges, gained wisdom through life’s lessons, and found my authentic self through the journey. In the past 29 years, I connected with many people, and I feel blessed by many of these relationships. I wouldn’t want to change any of that as the various paths I’ve taken have led to this particular time and space.

We know that making one little change along the way would impact the time-space continuum - or we know that’s how it is in movies like Back to the Future. I wouldn’t have met Aaron if one of the little paths were different. For all of these reasons, I wouldn’t tell myself to change one thing - except to better recognize my worth as a child of God sooner than I did.

One thing I’ve wrestled with when it comes to my faith is how much impact God’s intentions have on our lives. I don’t necessarily believe that God
planned each and every one of those moves. I don’t think the disasters were “God’s plan.” But along the way God was calling me down a path - maybe like my Google Maps GPS directions. And sometimes I would listen. When I didn’t hear God clearly, I probably needed to take a few extra turns to get back to the direction I needed to take. On the scenic path, I had the chance to gain wisdom and meet a few wonderful people. God uses each road and each experience to enrich our lives. And for God’s presence on each path, I give thanks!


Pastor Michelle