"That they all may be one."

John 17:21

"Pastor Michelle's Monthly Newsletter"

Michelle Torigian is Senior Pastor of the Church




     How can it be that we are back in Advent? In many ways, it feels like the year just started and we have just tucked away our Christmas decorations. As Thanksgiving weekend comes to a close, we’ve once again entered the speedway leading us to Christmas Day… and all of the chaos that appears alongside – often overshadowing – the joy of the season.


     I’ve been reflecting on the wordpeace. As the word is the focus on the second Sunday of Advent, we often allow the concept to slip by us without contemplating on the importance of peace in each aspect of our existence.


     Of course, there is the world peace we desire. As we focus on current events, we become stressed by how the situations across our planet are evolving. We see deadly violence in schools, churches, workplaces, and shopping centers. And as we look closer to home, we see that peace is absent in our communities – whether through violence or poverty. Our siblings in Christ struggle as they lack necessary resources – including housing options on frigid 25-degree nights. Whether it’s peace in our communities, peace in our homes, or peace in our world, most of us desire to have harmony in each corner of this earth.


     And then there’s the peace of our souls. When we focus on doing instead of being, we overlook peace. When we scurry around wanting to find the perfect present or have the most extravagantly decorated house, we add stress to our spirits. We seek to celebrate the Prince of Peace while forgetting to embrace the peace needed to survive.


     When it comes to our daily schedules, peace becomes a casualty in our desire for perfection.


      This Advent, make peace a priority. Find ways to strengthen bonds with neighbors. Discover new opportunities for serving. And, of course, prioritize establishing peace in your own souls.


Breathe in – God within us.   Breathe out – God surrounding us.


Blessings and Abundant Peace,
Pastor Michelle