Welcome to the Stained Glass Windows of the Current Sanctuary

Mr. Rodney Winfield designed and created the windows of the current sanctuary in conjunction with Emil Frei Associates of St. Louis. Mr. Winfield was a renowned artist, and Emil Frei & Associates is a liturgical design studio specializing in the design and restoration of custom stained glass and mosaics. Installation of the windows began in the late 1950s as the church was built and was completed in October 1968 when the last window group was placed. 


One way to view our beautiful glass's location, pictures, and interpretation is by starting with the "Interpretation of All Windows" section and following the links to the various windows throughout the church. Click HERE to begin that process. 


Another way is to directly access the interpretations of the various windows by clicking on the links below: 


1.  Interpretation of All Windows 


2. Interpretation of West & East Windows by Mr. Rodney Winfield in 1961


   B.  Nativity & Epiphany


   C.  Jesus' Baptism


   D.  Crucifixion


   E.  Resurrection


6. West Windows

   A.  Genesis


 B.  Old Testament   

   C.  New Testament


   D.  Sacraments