Register for Sunday's 9 AM Worship Service

Last Friday, we received news that the additional mitigation’s have been lifted and we will be able to have 50 in worship (includes staff, tech, and ushers).

Here are our plans:

We will be having a total of 35 people on October 18 for the 9am service. This means that we will have sign up spaces for approximately 20-22 people besides the ones working during worship. Sign ups will be on a first-come basis. You will be able to sign up by clicking HERE or call the office.

Masks are required throughout your entire time in the building, and our ushers will be seating you to ensure proper social distancing.

We will be having a total of 50 people on October 25 for the 9am service. This means we will have sign-up spaces for at least 35 people besides ushers, tech, and staff, and registration and safety measures will happen as outlined above.

As we mentioned, our services will be shorter than before and without congregational singing. Even with safety measures, our worship team is working hard to create worship experiences that will connect you to our Creator in the sanctuary that we all love!

We pray that all of us can stay healthy during this unique time in our lives.


Pastor Michelle

Here is what to expect when attending worship