"That they all may be one."

John 17:21

"President's Corner"

Mimi Llamas is President of the Church Council

From the President’s corner...

And just like that, the Holidays are here!!!! I know I’m old, but wow, could time be going any faster!!! November has been going at record pace, at least it seems like it to me. Christmas trees started appearing in the stores as soon as Halloween was finished; I thought that was ridiculous! But in like 15 minutes, bang we are decorating the church in our annual Hanging of the Greens event! In last month’s Presidents Corner, I advised you all to fasten your seatbelts for a wild ride coming up soon – well we are right in the middle of it, so take a deep breath and join in!

We celebrated 180 Years at the end of October!! What a wonderful event. The Worship Board managed that event and they did an amazing job! Thank you to all of them, especially Debbie Lippert and Jan Friedrich for their leadership. And a special shout out to our Archivist, Roger Henke!! Roger is like a kid in a candy store with our history, and he loves to share his findings with all of us! Thanks to you Roger (even if I did have to give you the hook at the luncheon when dinner was ready and you were still talking!!) And speaking of dinner, it was beyond wonderful. Dave Hoffmann, Ken Nettleton and their amazing band of cooks, showed all of us what Real German cuisine tastes like! Even this non-German girl loved it! The day was so very special. We have a wonderful picture of all the Pastors and Pastor’s wives present that day. We are so blessed to have those people in our midst!

This month brought us a series of Stewardship Sundays. We celebrated our staff each week, a different group each week. It was a joy to hear of Love of Neighbor, Love of Children, Love of Creation. The talented Stewardship Committee along with Pastor Michelle, put all of their creative talents on display all through the month of November. It was an amazing Stewardship campaign. Our staff is the backbone of our church. They are there each day; many of us are there only for a couple of hours on Sunday! They keep things running, and running smoothly. They are all equally important to the success of St. Paul!!! And we love them all. So, thank you to all of them; and thank you to the Stewardship team for reminding all of us what is really important and giving all of us the opportunity to thank people who should be thanked each and every day.

And speaking of the Stewardship Team and Staff, do you know that they put on a Trivia Night that made over $5600 for St. Paul????? Holy Moly! Now we know what people like to do on Saturday Night!!! But seriously, there was a TON of work involved in that night, and a very skilled leadership team. Sandy Wagner, who has done this before, brought all of her best skills (along with her son to be the MC of the evening) to gather the team and the staff to produce a splendiferous event. Everyone worked so very hard!!! Especially our office staff. Please, everyone, thank them when you have a chance. Pastor Michelle walked up and down Main Street asking businesses to sponsor a table, or provide a gift certificate, whatever. That is Above and Beyond the call of duty! But it worked, and the businesses in Belleville were reminded that we are here! Thank you, Pastor Michelle,

Well, Advent begins the first Sunday after Thanksgiving, so we are off and running. Please read the rest of this publication to find out all that is happening in December – there is a LOT. Plan to be a part of as much as possible. It is all wonderful!! See you in church!!


Mimi Llamas, Council President