"That they all may be one."

John 17:21

"President's Corner"

Mimi Llamas is President of the Church Council

From the President’s corner...

Fall is here!!  Open the windows and let in some fresh air!  Well, at least until the heat and humidity comes roaring back again!!  September has been its usual busy self for us here at St Paul. I guess the cool weather invigorates all of us and we want to get moving and get doing “stuff”!      We started off September with Rally Day. The kids, big and tall, enjoyed the bag games, the other games going on and of course, the cookies!!! Sunday school is back in session, each week after service.  And last Saturday, it was Crafty Mania time again!  Another successful Saturday with a lot of folks who love to craft (and eat). Diana and Rick Haar planned the meals and an army of volunteers led by the two Sandys (Ritter and Wagner), stayed all day and led the rest of us in food prep and serving. It was a great day – the kind of day that makes me think of “Church Ladies” in the kitchen. It is a privilege to work alongside these people (ladies and gentlemen), doing God’s work.

It has also been a month of changes in staff. We have kept the personnel board busy!!  We have known for a while now that Karen Juenger, our receptionist, was planning to retire in September. After a number of interviews, Personnel was delighted to announce our new receptionist would be our own Donna Young. We are so delighted to welcome her to the team. Donna brings a ton of experience to the job, and she already knows all of us!!! She will be a great addition to our office staff. When you see her, congratulate her, and thank Jim for sharing her with us! Then, as it was getting closer to time for the choir to reconvene and we had no settled new Choir Director as yet, we were blessed with Tristan Frampton!  Tristan has been working with our choir for a few years now. He and Dan were colleagues and he enjoyed working with us. It worked out that he could serve as an Interim Choir Director for us, at least until the new year. The choir is ecstatic and they are back in business. The search for a settled music director continues in earnest!  Then we learned that our Christian Education Director, Tyler Kohrs, was ready to reach out for his dream and make his way to his chosen destination – Nashville!!!  We always assumed we would lose him to his dream. But no one wants to stand in the way of a dream!  So, we are saying to farewell to our Pied Piper of children; he is a great singer and has a very special connection with children. Hopefully God will lead him to a way to put those two gifts together.  That was the tough part; however, our Pastor Michelle, and Personnel, decided to ask Craig Bielke if he would consider adding the duties of the Christian Ed Director to his current duties as the Pastor of Visitation. He was very happy with the opportunity and we are all thrilled. So, we are making progress!!!   Craig and his wife Katie Jo just welcomed their first child, Bryan Stuart, into their life. Craig will be spending a couple of weeks helping Katie Jo at home, then he will be on board with us. All very exciting!!!  


Yes, there are a lot of changes, but that is the way of the world. We will miss Tyler and Karen, but we welcome Craig, Donna, and Tristan. We continue to move forward!    And in the midst of all of this change, we see history unfolding in front of us in Heritage Hall. It is the most exciting of times over there. If you see Dave Hoffmann or Roger Henke, ask them about their latest finds!!!      

October will be busy and fun. Stay tuned. Come to church and see what’s going on!!!  It’s pretty cool and you should be a part of it.  See you in church!!! 


Mimi Llamas, Council President