"That they all may be one."

John 17:21

"From the President's Corner"

Wayne Caughman is President of the Church Council

From the President’s corner...

Welcome to August! Our weather for July has ended up being quite hot and humid. But hopefully, August will see a cool down as the days slowly get shorter and the nights longer. With this in mind, I hope my third letter as council president still finds you all still doing well as we all continue to combat this coronavirus disease that knows no bounds. We can’t be too careful or let our guard down for a moment as evidenced by a resurgence of new cases in our area. Of course, one more case of the virus or another death is one too many.

As you all know, we continue to operate the church, albeit in a different manner, than before the pandemic hit us all. We meet and conduct our church business on a regular basis through our established Teams, the Executive Council and the Council itself using our virtual mediums.

However, this takes a concerted and vigorous effort on the part of many of our members and our wonderful supportive church staff whom do what is needed for our church without hesitation. No better evidence of that is the group starting with Pastor Michelle, that continues to
produce our Sunday virtual services, our Zoom sessions and meetings and the many other things we all enjoy through that medium. Continued thanks also to Dr. Bill Wade and John Posth and our church choir who put in several hours each week to produce our wonderful music that we all enjoy each Sunday morning.

Our church Regathering Team under the excellent leadership of Mimi Llamas and Dave Hoffmann, continues to be very active and meets regularly in addressing all of the issues we need to consider as we diligently plan for opening our church again. Our team has excellent members
who are willing to devote their time and talents to help as we all wrestle with some tough decisions on reopening with safety being at the foremost. And I hope you were able all to join us in the first step in this reopening process at the First Street Summer Worship. The first of these outdoor church services was held on July 12th in front of the Welcome Center. Due to the heat and excessive sun that day, a recommendation was made to relocate future services to a section of 1st Street between B and C Streets. The first of these services at that location was postponed by the excessive heat and humidity as well as a round of severe storms that came through the area. Hopefully you all can make one of outdoor services. You can continue to rest assured that the entire regathering team is working deliberately to make our facility and you all as safe as possible for both the outdoor services as well as when we do return to our sanctuary.

I also want to mention that our church office reopening which began on Monday, July 6th has worked out quite well for everyone. Entry is only through the office doors on the B Street side. Please call the church office before you arrive. And don’t forget your mask!

As mentioned before, one of our beloved stained glass windows in Heritage Hall was broken in four places in May. We had it repaired by a company that we’ve used in the past for stained glass work both in the sanctuary and in Heritage Hall. The outpouring of financial support
by our members and others to help pay for these repairs was over the top! Thanks to one and all for your generosity!

Enough being said but even with the unusual times we all find ourselves in, you can rest assured that we’re trying not to miss a beat continuing with the spiritual life and doing the business of the congregation in fashion similar as can be to what we’ve known in the past.

Peace to all,

​​​​​​​Wayne Caughman, President