"That they all may be one."

John 17:21

"President's Corner"

Mimi Llamas is President of the Church Council

From the President’s corner...

Those of you who like musicals probably remember Rodgers and Hammerstein’s wonderful show, Carousel. In that musical was a great tune, June is Bustin’ Out All Over!!! Well, yep it is! Spring has been one gigantic tease this year –rain, heat, rain, heat. And to quote Charlie Brown, Good Grief!!! Well, I think it is getting better (at least it seems to be). A tough winter makes the longing for Spring so much more real to me. And I’m pretty sure I’m not alone!

Well were on our way. April was busy at St. Paul, but we also seemed to be taking a collective sigh after Lent and Easter. It is a wonderful season, but it really tests the endurance of a pastor and staff. May was much less hectic, and we all have had an opportunity to take a deep breath and recharge our batteries for a wonderful summer.

We celebrated Memorial Day and the wonders of our amazing nation in the Red White and Blue Revue. The choir was joined by the Sanctuary Choir from Union United Methodist Church, their choir director, Carole Eckert and pianist Gail Long. It was a wonderful experience of sharing the joy of music with two church choirs, separated by a few blocks on Main Street. It shows the beauty of collaboration!!! The choir has previously collaborated with Andy Jensen’s SWIC Concert Choir. Dan feels that this is a great way to bring beautiful music to the masses and in the case of SWIC, Andy Jensen saw it as on opportunity for young people interested in concert choirs to see that there is a place for them after their time in school, that their love of singing in that setting can continue in a church choir setting. All good all around!!!

Still in the spirit of music, as you all know, Dan will be leaving us on July 7. We will miss him and his great talent, but we wish him the very best in his new life with a lovely wife and a joint home. Long distance marriages are the pits!!! Dan and Jayne are logging a lot of miles between Belleville, St. Louis and Quincy!! The search for a new Director of Music is well underway. The music visioning team finished their work and handed off their results to the Search Team. That Team consists of Kris Mueller, Chair, Tom Birkner, Peggy Burke, Rick Drake, Pete Kobernus, Donna Nettleton, Pam Nicholson, Susan Relfe and Jan Spencer. It is a quality team that covers a broad spectrum of music interests. Pastor Michelle will be involved in the search as well but as an advisory member. I will also sit in on discussions, but the decisions, as usual, come from the Search Team. Please keep them in your prayers.

Ending up May, we are taking part in the Shriner’s Parade. It has become a yearly event for St. Paul. We use it todrum up business for our upcoming Vacation Bible School. In addition to handing out candy (got to hand out candy), we also hand our flyers advertising VBS and our wonderful church. If you would like to walk with us and our float, wewould love to have you. It’s good exercise and a lot of fun!! For information, contact the church office or show up atthe church parking lot around 6 pm on Friday, May 31st.

Speaking of Vacation Bible School, the Christian Education Board and Tyler have been working really hard to get the program planned. They have a lot of volunteers (thanks Sandy Ritter, recruiter extraordinaire), and are planning to make a fun, safe and wonderful experience for the children who attend. In the past few years, VBS has been a one- day deal. This year, Tyler elected to go back to a 5-day program. We are all excited to have a great week. Wish them well (and I think they still need some supplies), so consider checking out the list and bringing something in. Tina updates the list regularly so don’t be concerned about what you buy. If it’s still on the list, they need it!!

Our adult Mission Trip will leave for Columbus, Mississippi on June 2nd. They will be doing repairs on homes as aresult of horrendous tornadoes a couple of years ago. Please keep them in your prayers as they do God’s work. I will fill you all in on their trip in next month’s Presidents Corner!!

As we look to our summer, please all of you be safe. Summer includes a lot of travel and special activities. Don’t forget your sunscreen!!! And we still love to see you in church. The choir is on vacation, so I enjoy the opportunity to sit with all of you and enjoy the service. We will have lots of special music during the summer and that will add something so special. Tyler and Pastor Michelle are planning some really cool services in July and August. See you all in church!!


Mimi Llamas, Church Council President