"That they all may be one."

John 17:21

"From the President's Corner"

Wayne Caughman is President of the Church Council

From the President’s corner...

Welcome to October! As we start this new month and the official beginning of fall as well, I’m sure we all wonder where summer went. I’m sure we’ll see a continued cool down as the days continue getting shorter and the nights longer. With this in mind, I hope everyone is doing well as we all continue to take all the recommended precautions and safety measures to combat the coronavirus disease.

As I have repeated before, we’re still meeting and conducting most of our church activities on a regular basis through our established Teams, the Executive Council and the Council itself using our virtual mediums. However, this takes a concerted and vigorous effort on the part of many of our members and our supportive church staff who do what is needed for our church without hesitation. No better evidence of that is the Worship Team starting with Pastor Michelle, that continues to produce our Sunday virtual services, our Zoom fellowship hours and the many other things we all enjoy through that medium. Continued thanks also to Dr. Bill Wade and John Posth and our church choir who put in several hours each week to produce our wonderful music that we all enjoy each Sunday morning. The members of the choir who are in the Bell group also continue to practice faithfully every week. I hope you all saw their excellent performance on one of our recent Sunday morning virtual services.

On a continued bright note, our outdoor services have been quite successful except for some unwanted weather intrusions. We now plan to continue those through the last Sunday in October. Those services that are held in October will begin at 4 PM rather than 6 PM due to the shorter days and the cooler weather we are likely to experience then. Our outside communion service held in conjunction with the 1st Sunday outdoor service in September was quite well received. We continue to follow all of the rules outside to protect us from the virus including masks and social distancing. If you haven’t been yet, hopefully you can make one of the outdoor services as everyone seems to enjoy them.

I also want to mention again that our church office reopening has worked out quite well for everyone. If you have business that requires you to visit the church, please enter through the office doors on the B Street side. If you can, please call the church office before arrival so they will be expecting you. And don’t forget your mask! You will be signed in and out and have your temperature checked.

I did want to mention that the project to assemble a mobile shelving filing system on the second floor has just been completed. This will be used to file all of the years of accumulated choir sheet music which is now stored in a large number of filing cabinets in the same room where the choir Bell equipment is now stored. Then later, the empty filing cabinets will be removed for other church usage or declared excess. This then should result in additional space for the Bell equipment and other related choir usages. Thanks to Bill Wade and his team of volunteers for traveling to Kansas City to procure and return with the disassembled filing system and for Laura Strohm and her Property team for finding a contractor to successfully assemble it!


As I continue to say each month, you can rest assured that with the coronavirus all round us, we’re trying not to miss a beat continuing with the spiritual life and doing the business of the church and congregation in a fashion similar to what we’ve all known in the past. Thank you for all you do to support our church.

Peace to all,

Wayne Caughman, President