"That they all may be one."

John 17:21

"From the President's Corner"

Wayne Caughman is President of the Church Council

From the President’s corner...

Welcome to June! Our weather has been less than ideal for a typical spring season! Of course, the flowers and grass have benefitted from it. Bright sunny days all seem to cheer us up much quicker than the gloominess of cold and damp days. With that in mind, I hope my first letter as council president finds you all well, as we prayerfully adhere to and implement all of the health measures we have been advised to follow by the experts, to remain safe as we battle this coronavirus disease. And we all wait for the vaccine to hopefully protect us from this unseen enemy. Hopefully sooner than later!


I must say and without any hesitation, it’s been unusual and different for me since taking over as your President from Mimi Llamas in March. As a member of the Council the last two years and observing how she managed and motivated people and got so many good things done for our church, I knew I had some big shoes to fill in following her as President. And that has proven to be so true! Since taking over, I’ve relied on advice and help from Mimi, Pastor Michelle and others to serve as your leader. And I can say without any question, no one has hesitated in providing me whatever support I might need.


You can all rest assured that we’re doing our best, through both the Executive and the regular Council and the various church teams that exist, to keep our church operating, although in a different mode currently, to address both personnel, fiscal and facility issues that can and do arise at St. Paul. However, this takes a concerted effort on the part of many of our members. That brings me to the entire church staff who have been nothing short of spectacular in doing what is needed to support our church. Without their complete support, we would fall woefully short. And we all know what a job our church team starting with Pastor Michelle and including many others have done in producing our Sunday virtual services, our Zoom sessions and meetings and the many other things we all enjoy through that medium.


I want to mention that our church regathering team has been quite active and meeting to address all of the issues we need to consider for eventually opening our church. And just recently, Mimi and Dave Hoffmann, who as head of our Safety and Security team, have both stepped up and volunteered to be co-leaders of this team. Many thanks to both of them for doing this!!


Enough said but even with the unusual times we’re all in, you can rest assured that we’re trying not to miss a beat continuing with the life of the congregation in some fashion similar to what we’ve known in the past. Looking forward to seeing you all again!

Peace to all,
Wayne Caughman, President