Many waters cannot quench love, neither can floods drown it.  Song of Solomon 8:7  (NRSV)

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Thoughts from St. Paul Staff


     After this long, cold, and snowy winter, most of us have been anticipating warm temperatures and sunshine.  Spending

more time outdoors may be at the top of our lists.  Don’t let allergy symptoms ruin all of your planned outdoor activities. 



      If you or your children are suffering from stuffy or runny noses and/or itchy, red, watery eyes, you may be

experiencing a seasonal allergy response.  There is relief in the form of medication your Doctor can prescribe or he or she may suggest an over the counter remedy for your symptoms.  You may notice that these medications usually list "antihistamine" or "anti-inflammatory" on the label since those substances help curb the histamine your body is producing and the inflammatory response to allergens in the air this time of year.


     In addition to treating the irritating allergy symtoms, treatment may also allow you to sleep more restfully which improves your daytime energy levels, helps you concentrate better when awake, and generally function better without the distractions of itchy eyes and ears or constant nasal dripping.


     It is recommended that keeping the furnace filter clean, and using either air conditioning or heating to control indoor temperatures is preferable to opening windows and allowing more allergens to enter the air inside your home.  While it may be difficult for adults and children to stay indoors during warm, sunny days, limiting time outdoors may help alleviate symptoms too. The local news stations give a daily pollen and mold count which can help you determine which days outside could exacerbate your symptoms.


     See your Doctor if you are suffering from allergy symptoms; there is relief available so that you can enjoy God's amazingly beautiful spring season on our earth.


Peace and Wellness,

Betty Leppard, Parish Nurse

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